Huntsville YLC

Accommodations - Lodging & Meals  

      Trek from Cafeteria to ETF / ERC after breakfast                                              Space Shuttle at the Center                                Area 51 dormitory is back part of  building


Check-In/Registration:   1:00 PM to 2:00 PM on Day 1. 
Adjourn :  About 1:00 PM on Day 4, the last day

Check-In/registration is in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s Educator Training Facility (ETF) (aka the NASA Educator Resource Center ERC)).   Directions too get to the ETF / ERC: 

If from I-565 going west, turn onto Exit 15, stay in the left-hand lane and continue past Sparkman (traffic light) to the next intersection (traffic light) and turn left. Then ease over to the right-hand lane as you go over and across I-565 and continue past the intersection (traffic light) with the I-565 East exit ramp- and to the Space and Rocket Center parking lot.  The first building (red brick) on the right as you begin to enter the parking lot is the ETF / ERC. 

If from I-565 going east, turn onto Exit 14 and ease into the right lane, turn right at the first intersection, and continue to the Space and Rocket Center parking lot.  The first building (red brick) on the right as you begin to enter the parking lot is the ETF / ERC


When registering, you will be greeted by YLC staff, including one from the team to which you were assigned. 

They will guide you to where luggage will be pre prepositioned (in the student’s team baggage holding area) and later taken to the designated area within the dormitory by the owning students moving as a group under staff direction.  Pre-positioning will be done similarly as part of check-out.

Lodging is in the 2-story dormitory at Space Camp Aviation Challenge’s Area 51.  Females are on one level (usually 1st floor); males are on the other level. A security guard is stationed on the first floor outside the lodging area and near the staircase to the 2nd floor.  There are 6 teams, 2 per division and each division is assigned one room per floor for the same sex members of the division.  Division and team leaders assign where you are to bunk per plan for the duration of the YLC. Any deviation from the plan must be approved by the YLC Director or Deputy Directors.  Assignments ensure your safety and protection by our being able to account for you and to being able to contact you quickly in the event of an emergency.  Roommates within a division are responsible for the assigned room and will be expected to keep it clean and orderly. 

Space Camp also additional security staff on site and on call 24/7 for student safety when the YLC is in session.

 See the “What to Bring” page for details on what to bring.  For example, you are encouraged to bring some bedding, but a sheet, pillow, pillowcase and 1 light blanket can be provided by Space Camp supervisory staff.                                                          

Nutritious meals are provided each day in the Space Camp cafeteria.   Meals are 30 or 45 minutes, beginning at 0700, 1200 and 1715.  The first meal is usually scheduled for 5:15 – 5:55  PM on Wednesday; final meal is 07:15 – 7:55 AM Saturday.