There are two types of MOWW Huntsville YLC participant slots:

1)    Slots not pre-assigned to a specific student.

These are open to students relatively local to Madison County and the surrounding

area, and are covered by the Huntsville Alabama MOWW Patriotic Education

Foundation (PEF) locally funded by donations from businesses, organizations and

private donors of the local area.

2) Contract slots designated for a specific student by a sponsoring organization.

Deadline for receipt of completed/signed application packets

(Plan ahead to meet deadline(s) regardless of holidays and Fall Break)

STUDENTS (1st timers)

20 September 2019: For PEF covered slots initially allocated as reserved for our area schools

18 October 2019: For ALL slots, contract and non-contract, available and open after 1st deadline

After the 9/20/2019 deadline, reserved allocation for locally covered slots through PE

Foundation expires and the remaining vacant slots not set aside for contract will be filled

with students in the local area in order of receipt or receipt groupings of applications

satisfying eligibility criteria.

(Huntsville YLC Committee will resolve ties for non-contract slots and give preference to earlier sent applications

satisfying eligibility criteria).



(Open only to MOWW Huntsville YLC Graduates)

1 September 2019 ALL POSITIONS (Executives, Unit Leaders (Division, Team) & Assistants)

Most of the staff members (Program Director through Unit Leaders) have been selected and all staff members

will have been selected by mid-August. They influence the development of the YLC as well as prepare and

train to run the YLC. The staff meets 3 hours per week on Sunday for up to 11 weekends to fully prepare

and train for the YLC. Members in the top 7 positions develop and perfect a presentation on the YLC or its

focus areas and present that presentation at the YLC and must commit to working more hours than those of the



Contract Slot -- paid by an organization directly sponsoring a student

The sponsoring organization for a particular student is responsible for the student's application and tuition

for the YLC, transportation to and from the YLC, and coordination with the student's school and parents

or guardian. The organization directly selects the students to be sponsored, submits applications

with tuition payment and provides for the student's transportation.

Cost is $325.00 per student (includes room, board, educational materials & scheduled activities)

Sponsoring Adults Attending with Students

$50.00 per adult sponsor attending (room and board if at Space Camp & educational materials)

(Cost is waived for those assisting the YLC as mentors and/or chaperones)

Adults are responsible for their own lodging if not at lodging at Space Camp

Total payment to be sent with the completed application for each student sponsored by contract and for

each attending adult.

Check is to be payable to HSV AL MOWW PEF, Inc
(Our Patriotic Education Foundation (PEF) is a qualified, licensed 501c(3) organization)



Student slots, funded by local donors through our PEF, are managed by the MOWW Huntsville Chapter. These slots are

available to students via official YLC participation invitation to high schools and/or subsequent coordination with

school officials. Student participation must be subsequently approved by an appropriate school official and accepted


Are you eligible to participate in the YLC?

See the Participant eligibility page for criteria

Application information and access follows:

Student Packet
(click to download)
6 pages

Student Staff Packet
(Click to download)

6 pages

Adult Form

(Click to download)
2 pages


Pages in Packet

Signature(s) Required

Student Applicant Data (1st-Timer, Staff) / Adult data sheet

Student Applicant

Student Applicant for Staff

Adult Applicant(s)

School/Job Data

(*College advisor or work supervisor for high school grads)

*School Official for Coordination and Recommendation

Not Applicable

Medical History

(Immunization history previously noted for staff)


Consent for Medical Treatment

(click to download)

Parent / Guardian

Not Applicable

Authorization/Release for Minors

Parent / Guardian

Not Applicable if over 18

Not Applicable

Photo & Audio/Video Release Form

Parent / Guardian

Parent / Guardian if student under 18, else applicant

Adult Applicant(s)















Send package to:

MOWW, MG Joe Wheeler (Huntsville) Chapter 202,

Attn: YLC Application LtCol Dave Dunlap

P.O. Box 11, Somerville, AL 35670












Contacts for information about applications and the YLC in general are:

LtCol (USAF, Ret) Dave Dunlap, MOWW Huntsville YLC Director, (256) 651-1983


COL (USA, Ret) Mike Roddy,, HSV AL MOWW PEF Treasurer

, Madison, AL 357583, (256) 679-2062


LTC (USA) Eugene Thurman, Huntsville MOWW Chapter Commander

, (256) 426-5508