The conference has been designed to be an intensive, intellectually challenging session to stimulate thinking about leadership, yourself, your life, and your country and developing and practicing leadership skills . To gain the most from the YLC experience, requires being ready to learn and interact within the YLC environment, being attentive, and being respectful of others. While being a part of the YLC, keep the following in mind

You must remain with and work with your designated group (team or division)..
You may not change dorm rooms or bedding assignment without authorization and approval by the YLC staff person having assignment responsibility.
You may not leave the campus of Space Camp/Aviation Challenge except with your group as scheduled for the YLC or as approved by the YLC Director or Deputy Director after pre-coordinated with parent/guardian and sponsoring school official.
Illicit Drugs, Alcohol, or Weapons will NOT be tolerated and will result in dismissal

Be respectful of and to others

The YLC schedule is usually tight, focused during the day and only has 6 hours dedicated for sleep. Participants need to use the dedicated sleep hours for sleeping.

* Cell phones and personal sound devices in play mode are not to be used during proceedings or at times when use would be a distraction or source of delay for other YLC participants.  If neither a distraction or delay for others, cell phones may be used (e.g., as a camera when dining and during YLC proceedings between the end of the last activity at Space Campís Education Training Facility (ETF) and arrival outside the dormitory; as a phone while waiting for transportation to and from lodging when YLC staff or Space Camp counselors are not conveying instructions or other YLC related information, and in the dormitory before Lights Out.).

**Electronic/digital recording/processing devices are optional. Activities include some writing, but pencil and paper will be provided for all participants.

* Cameras:  YLC staff members will be taking photos and those will be posted on our website after the event.  However, we'd appreciate your sharing photos with us that we can also post to our website.

Taking photos in the dormitories is forbidden.

Division and team leaders assign where you are to bunk per plan for the duration of the YLC. Any deviation from the plan must be approved by the YLC Director or Deputy Directors.Violation of the plan is grounds for dismissal. Safety/protection is paramount with us and we must have yout cooperation in that regard.

Actions that can not be tolerated will result in dismissal.Dismissal is implemented by coordination with the recommending school official and/or sponsor and guardian.

For every privilege you have as conference participant, you have an equal responsibility through your conduct to honor the Youth Leadership Foundation that is sponsoring this event, your sponsor, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and to the other participants.

Upon your return to your home community, make the most out of your YLC experience by talking about it and putting it into practice with your friends, in your school and in your community. A good first step is thanking your school and sponsoring organization for helping you step up and toward your future.