For MOWW Huntsville YLC Participation/Adult Observation

YLC Students

Prospective participant must meet the following criteria:

         Be a sophomore or junior for the current school year (This allows for at least one year for schools and community to directly benefit from a studentís participation).A freshman or senior can be accepted only if application is as a contract scholarship or slot canít be filled with an eligible sophomore or junior and if all other eligibility criteria are satisfied.

         Has not previously participated in a multi-day MOWW YLC of which there are 20 nationwide

         Has a GPA of 2.8 or higher

         Be active in school and/or community activities

         Be selected and/or recommended by:

o   School official (Principal, Guidance Counselor or JROTC Instructor) serving as the school's point of contact if student slot is funded via the MOWW Patriotic Education Foundation

o   The sponsoring organization which has the responsibility for the selectee's tuition and transportation as well as the coordination of the selectee's authorized absence from school

         Be capable of light physical activity (e.g., continuously walk 20 minutes) to ensure participation in Space Camp activity (Leadership Reaction Course and centrifuge) and YLC exercises

         Be available and committed to participate in the entire conference -- 10/24/2018 check-in by 4:00 PM to adjournment on 10/27/2017 at about 1:00 PM

o   The YLC is scheduled to minimize event conflicts, but a conflict may arise (e.g., National Honor Society induction, award interview, football playoffs, State track meet).If a conflict exist or arise requiring the absence of a student from the YLC, pre-coordination with school, sponsoring organization, parent/guardian, and YLC is required to gain approval for the studentís absence from the YLC.

         Not require any special accommodation/assistance (e.g., certified professional help, private lodging) for full participation in the YLC

         Not have a medical condition severe enough to require special accommodation/assistance nor be highly likely to diminish the YLC experience for other participants (e.g., Downs Syndrome, anxiety severe enough to require medication and/or certified professional help)

         Completed application must be received by due date.

         The sustainment of our nation and its principles should be of concern to all Americans. We strive for a participant mix of as many non-cadet students as cadet students.Some participating schools do not have JROTC; schools that do can select more cadets than non-cadets, but should not exceed a 2 to 1 cadet/non-cadet ratio.

         MOWW YLCs are approved by the National Association of Secondary Schools and Principals (NASSP) for listing in the current school year NASSP Activity List and are not counted as a JROTC event.

YLC Students Returning as Staff

The Huntsville YLC is also an opportunity for students who graduated from a previous MOWW Huntsville YLC to serve as a staff member in a professional conference environment.The criteria is similar to the above, but candidates must also meet or exceed the following criteria:

         Be a student in good standing for the current school year and is usually a junior or senior

         GPA must be 3.2 or above.

         Continue to be active in school and/or community activities

         Be available and committed to participate in the entire conference and in the preparation and training on Sundays for a 3 hour block each Sunday from when he or she joins the staff to the week prior of the start of the YLC.

         YLC 10/24/2018 check-in by 9:00 AM to adjournment on 10/27/2018 at about 1:30 PM.

         YLC Preparation

o   Up to 10 Sundays 1:15-4:30 PM depending on staff position assignment.

ß  Presentations to the YLC are required of the top 6 staff members (Program Director, Deputy, Chief of Staff, and Division Leaders). They generally start as staff the last week of July

ß  Preparation/training schedule is determined based on projected availability by staff members and excludes Labor Day Weekend

o   Staff earlier YLC check-in allows for additional on-site dry runs of presentations, activities, and procedures, sound system checkout, registration set-up

         Not require special accommodations/assistance

         YLC Staff members are recruited by MOWW YLC Adult Staff and approved by a school official via the processing of a student staff application for young staff

Prior to the YLC event, students selected for staff must have Youth Protection Training and Certification not older than 11 months.Certification is based on the on-line Youth Protection Training available via the Boy Scouts of America website.No fee is associated with the certification.

There is no cost to school or students for students serving as staff except that the student or studentís parent(s)/guardian is responsible for the staff memberís transportation.Staff slots are explicitly separate from first-timer slots and do not impact slots for first-timers.

Staff application, biographical sketch and Youth Protection Certification are due to the YLC Director by September 20th .

Adults as Participants

(Presenters/Panelists present only for their activity and are excluded from the requirements below)

         Youth Protection Certification (offered by the Boy Scouts of America) achieved within 11 months of the YLC.

         Member in good standing of MOWW or other sponsoring organizations (e.g., National Sojourners) of MOWW YLCs

         Pass a character background check or have a valid security clearance.

         YLC Application on file and approved by the YLC Director or one of the deputy directors

        Adults as Observers for a specific, but limited time during YLC activity (e.g., presentations, project time, last day activity).Visit pre-coordination with the adult YLC staff (e.g., YLC Director, YLC Deputy Directors) is required

Adults as observers must be one of the following:

        An official representative of a donor, prospective donor or contract sponsor

        A school official(principal, guidance counselor or JROTC instructor: other officials require coordination with the schoolís focal for student YLC participation)

        A parent or guardian of a participating student

        News media personnel