17th Annual MOWW Huntsville YLC

30 Oct – 2 Nov 2019

 Space Camp, Huntsville AL

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Like other MOWW YLCs, the Huntsville YLC has a curriculum dedicated to leadership, American heritage and patriotism and the free enterprise system.  This YLC is held at the US Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp and incorporates most of a 1-day Space Camp “Introduction to Flight” Program as part of the YLC leadership and training experience for students.

The YLC is a blend of tutorials and presentations by subject matter experts followed by team workshops related to the YLC focus and more team activity at team level and at YLC level.  Participants help develop their team with team building exercises and working together, work to solutions, present results, and compete against other teams in those efforts as well as the final team project.  In addition to hearing and interacting with speakers and staff, YLC participants gain more insight into experience beyond high school through an extensive question and answer (Q&A) panel session with civic, medical, entrepreneurial, industrial, sales, educational, and military leaders and practitioners.  In a court case presided over by an incumbent Circuit Court judge, YLC students serve as prosecution, defense and jurists and render a verdict. Amid all this activity, participants also experience the Space Camp Aviation Challenge “Introduction to Flight” Program, which includes an orientation to flight, hands-on flying F/A-18 and T-38 jet simulators, and team exercises at Leadership Reaction Course.

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