What To Bring and Dress Code

(For registration)  Photo ID or other official personal document with confirmation from the school

Bath towels (3)


*Lock to secure upright locker

Wash clothes (3)

Note pad

** Camera (use valid except in dorm)

Bedding (Sleeping bag &/or Sheets)    

Light blanket

Toothbrush / Toothpaste

Soap & Shampoo

** Laptop, Notepad or tablet                

             (See note section below)

Pajamas/night wear

Hair dryer or equivalent if applicable

** Cell phone   (see note section below)

Light jacket, sweaters

JROTC uniform if in JROTC

Small Flashlight

Athletic shoes

Alarm Clock (valid phone use in dorm)

Umbrella or light rain gear

Clothing for 4 days (Details below

Sandals/shower clogs (dorm use only


Notes:   Medication, okay if stated in application and accompanied with note signed by parent/guardian who signed application

*Securing property is the owner’s responsibility.

**Use of cell phones and other electronic devices during YLC activity is permitted only to support or capture YLC content.

Must be in airplane or do not disturb mode or off during YLC proceedings except as noted above

Clothing for the 4 days of the conference (Dress Code)

Mostly casual attire suitable for light physical outdoor activity (Leadership Reaction Course)

(Jeans, khakis, skirts, sleeved shirts/blouses, sweatshirt, athletic shoes)

The team T-shirt issued at registration is standard outerwear except for last day (Saturday) when we dress                                                for the mock trial, outstanding student interviews, and commencement.

How one dresses is an expression that hints to attitude toward character and conduct, and like it or not, usually influences how other people react to you or their willingness to interact with you. Another aspect to consider in dressing is to dress appropriately for activity for the day.  Days 2 and 3 include Space Camp’s Aviation Challenge Program which includes light physical activity (e.g, light exercise in the morning, Leadership Reaction Course, experiencing G-force, simulated flying, and outdoor survival tasks).  We dress for the day before leaving the lodging facility in the morning since we are unable to return to that facility until late evening.

Team-colored Huntsville YLC T-shirts will be issued at registration and worn as a visible garment during the conference except for Saturday when we are dressed for the trial presided over by an incumbent circuit court judge and commencement, for outdoor activity and inclement weather.  The T-shirt serves as a catalyst for team identity and cohesion and will be worn for most classroom activity. The last week in October and/or first week of November in Huntsville is usually in the 35 to 75 degree Fahrenheit range.  Most activities are indoors in Space Camp facilities, but some activities are outdoors (e.g., under the pavilion in Area 51, the Leadership Reaction Course, to/from the cafeteria, ETF, or dormitory) .  It is likely you will need at least a light jacket and/or sweater.



Saturday, we will dress up for the final day activities. Attire will be at least near business-attire - a minimum of short-sleeved dress shirt (collared and jacket) for the men (but ties and uniforms are encouraged) and modest, equivalent attire for the ladies - No exceptions-   (See photo above for examples of acceptable attire).

Our list of What Not to Wear at any time during the conference is cut-offs, tank tops, shorts more than 3 inches above the knee, provocative neck lined items, items resulting in bare midriffs, mini-skirts, pants worn below the hips, and any clothing with logos or lettering advocating or depicting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence or gangs.  Sandals are not safe footwear for some YLC activities and there is little time on the schedule for clothing changes.  Shower clogs (shoes) are inappropriate and unsafe footwear except inside the dormitory.